Industrial static control products are special items which are used at home and business premises to help in removing static charge that flows between different objects. These products are commonly available and can be found in majority of electronics shops. Buying one is quite easy especially if you know what you want and the purpose you want it to serve. These are the main types of industrial static control products people can use to control the flow of static charge.

The static control mat is one of the main items to use in controlling the flow of static charge. Static control mats are normally made of conductive fabrics that have the capability to safely collect static charges and distribute them as it should be. They usually come with different components the main one being the resistor that slows discharge and prevent shock. Should you want to acquire an electrostatic generator, you can look for some in the link.

An antistatic mat is likewise a great product which is utilized for the purpose of controlling static. This kind of an industrial static control item is chiefly designed to be used when dealing with computer parts like the hard drive, motherboard and RAM. The purpose of this sort of device is to avoid computer components from being damaged due to static shock in case they are placed on the ground during repair.

The static control bag is the next most important kind of product people use in controlling static charge. Static control bags are normally created of different materials among which include bubble, plastic and form. Normally, this item comes packaged in a way that makes it able to easily and efficiently resist issues with static shock and damage. You can normally find these kinds of bags in a wide variety of types all of which vary in quality, design and capability something that makes it essential for you to be careful when shopping.


Static eliminators are other common types of products people use to manage the flow of static charge. There are a whole variety of static eliminators available all of which are designed to work differently and in different kinds of environments. As well, there are lots of manufacturers and suppliers for these types of products each of who offer their items at varying prices. Though most of them can be highly depended on, there are some who should never be depended on as they are not credible. When shopping, you have to ensure that you buy a product, like a static eliminator bar, that is designed proficiently and is offered by a genuine manufacturer.